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Asset Recovery — Key Benefits


ARCA has a series of in-house programs and downstream channels in order to effectively Recycle all types of materials.

  • ARCA’s Recycling programs are able to accept and process waste of an electrical nature up to the R2.
  • We also process and broker many different types of commodities and raw materials.

  • Recycling can often be a net cost to ARCA, but we perform it as we believe it is our duty to the planet.

ARCA’s Strengths


Our web presence and time to market is unmatched.


Dedicated project managers use their  category specific knowledge to process all types of material

Covering All Cost 

Risk free means risk free. It does not cost money to use our service.

Channel Develop 

Develop a longterm solution for the reoccurring accumulation of your assets

Sales and Marketing

ARCA handles all of the outbound efforts


ARCA uses a small fleet of trucks to aid with relocation


ARCA eliminates your current storage costs

Material Processing

ARCA has built the ability to process any kind of material into a singular manifest so that a final disposition may be realized.

  • Materials are identified and separated into what issell-able and unsellable
  •  Manifests contain all relevant product data and are used to track items throughout their recoveryprocess
  • After items are processed, they will either be sold through our Re-commerce program or introduce to our Recycling Program.


  • Through a centrally managed system, ARCA is able to simultaneously connect buyer and seller across the most powerful of e-commerce platforms.
  •  Reintroduction to supply chain, Individual Surplus Sales, and Auctions are digital tools that ARCA has expertise in.
  • ARCA’s digital tracking is integrated with our Re-Commerce tools in order to keep our programs 100% transparent.

What is Asset Recovery?

The process of recovering potentially lost value and minimalizing environmental harm by effectively managing the reverse supply chain. ARCA’s Asset Recovery program takes form in three independent disciplines in order to maximize transparency, recovery value, and environmental benefit.

  • Material Processing
  • Re-Commerce
  •  Recycling
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