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Our Mission

Technical Environment Solutions  assists companies and organizations in the build-out of their Data Centers, Command Centers, Emergency Response Centers, Network Operation Command, Engineering Labs and Technical Office Landscape.   Additionally we help by maximizing energy savings by increasing efficiency through Power Conditioning, Hot and  Cold aisle Containment and extending capital equipment life cycle.  We are able to bring end of life equipment back to 80%+ efficiency.  Our business model allows us to act in a capacity most beneficial to our clients, ranging from the traditional equipment supplier to a single source multi-discipline provider for design, supply and installation and removal and disposal of legacy equipment. ​ 

Our Manufacturing Partners

Increasing efficiencies to maximize your bottom line.

We partner with companies who's products.

  • Reduces run-time on equipment 
  • Lower electrical bills by deploying power factor correction
  • Reduces repair costs
  • Reduces downtime, and adds cooling capacity
  • Reduces capital expenditures by extending equipment life.

Expert Work-space and Data Center Solutions 

 Wherever you need it.  Whether your facility is brand new or just sustained an emergency situation or you need to configure a new solution for your work-space, Technical Environment Solutions can help. Our team of certified technical professionals can be at your service almost immediately. We can help with all your  Critical Facility needs.

Command, NOC, Security, Emergency Response Centers, Call Centers

We work with the best US based manufacturers to help you create a custom solution that will  address the needs of your most valuable assets,  Your Team Members.  We design ergonomic facilities that maximize your staffs performance. 

​Service Disabled Veteran Owned

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